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Castle’s Nathan Fillion is the king of TV kissing!

At least that’s how his co-star Tamala Jones feels, as she revealed exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment how Nathan got her hot and bothered during their recent kissing scene.
“His lip action, [I’m] like, “whoo!'” Tamala panted. “I got hot a little bit there. Nathan, I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Tamala, who kissed Nathan while playing lounge singer Betsy Sinclair as part of the film-noir episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” has talked about their clinch before. But Wetpaint wanted details.

And Tamala was more than happy to dish. When asked what it was like to kiss Nathan for the cameras, the actress said, “Oh, my God. I have to tell you, this man has the freshest breath. I could have just stayed on his lips for a whole hour. They’re super soft. He’s just so gentle.”

In fact, Tamala wanted their smooch scene to be more intense, but it was constrained by the 1940s time period of the episode. “I was like, I have to do a movie kiss. This isn’t fair! We couldn’t really get into it because it’s the 1940s, but his breath and those lips were amazing.”

Although they’re buddies on the set, Tamala said she was unprepared for how Nathan would kiss. “Until you put your lips on his lips, it kind of changes your mind a little bit.”

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