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As Castle creator Andrew Marlowe so eloquently introduced prior to the screening of March 19’s hour, “A Dance With Death,” This will be the “last normal Castle episode before the stormy weather hits.” But what’s normal in the world of Castle?

As the end of the show’s fourth season nears, several big questions loom for fans of the Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic-led procedural. The biggest one being: Will Castle and Beckett finally commit to one another in any significant capacity?

Marlowe teased this of the partners’ future to the packed Saban Theatre crowd on the eighth night of PaleyFest. “There will come a moment when the two will come together and there are plenty of story after,” he coyly said during the panel, before admitting, “It’s 2012, people fall into bed .. all the time.”

Katic was all for it, at one point voicing her desires for what the scene would entail should they make their relationship official. “Kissing,” she responded quickly, prompting cheers from fans.

Earlier in the evening, when asked on a scale of 1-10 how happy “Caskett” fans will be by season’s end, Katic told The Hollywood Reporter, “By the end of this season? A 10,” before pausing and changing her answer to “12.5927.”

Fillion was a little more giving and upon hearing his co-star’s declaration, he seconded it. “I’d say that’s fair. I’d say a 12.9,” he shared.

“There has been a lot of ebb and flow in their relationship and I think that’s reality and we’ve been having a lot of ebb lately and I think there will be some more flow in that final episode,” Fillion told THR.

Katic revealed to THR that “all the secrets” Castle and Beckett have been holding from each other will be out in the open in coming episodes. Who will have the ugliest reaction? “Watch and you’ll see,” she teased.

Here are eight teases from Fillion, Katic and the rest of the cast:

1. Castle’s father remains a mystery – for now: “It will be pursued in future episodes,” Katic shares of Sophia’s (Jennifer Beals) bombshell about Castle’s father being tied to the CIA. Fillion expressed “hope” that they would learn more about his father, though he brought up a good point: “Castle’s not the kind of guy who’s pained by the loss of his father. He hasn’t really lost a father. He just didn’t know his father so I’m curious to know how he’d react to having a dad.”

2. Beckett and Lanie have girl talk: “The Lanie and Kate Beckett scenes, they’re back,” Tamala Jones teased to THR. “They’re filled with so much content and the content that’s within the conversation between them, everybody is going to be on the edge of their seat, like, ‘Oh my god, she said it finally!’ Romance, the girl moments we’ve all been missing. It’s back, it’s heavy and it’s real.”

3. Fillion pitching Firefly-esque episode: “I’ve been pitching an episode where the lead actor of a former sci-fi series gets killed and he was largely hated by thus all the cast members of the show are suspects,” Fillion shared on the carpet. “We’ll see what happens. I think we should get the Internet crazy about it.” Sounds like a classic Castle episode, doesn’t it?

4. Lanie and Esposito take part in extracurriculars:Jon Huertas admitted to THR, “I still don’t know if we’re actually going to end up as a couple,” of Lanie and Esposito. But he hinted that there are references to off-screen shenanigans. “Lanie and Esposito, they do interact, if you will – not at work, but it’s implied we interact,” Huertas teases. “I’d like to end up once more in bed with Tamala Jones, I mean, Esposito wants to end up in bed with Lanie.” Jones joked to THR: “[Jon Huertas] is my best onscreen lover ever.”

5. Castle goes Full Monty: “Someone drops his drawers,” Katic says with a laugh, “so it’ll be interesting.” Who could she be referring to?

6. Alexis’ future up in the air: When asked whether viewers will find out where Alexis goes by season’s end, Molly Quinn wasn’t sure. “I know she’s applied overseas and she’s applied to [schools] in New York and closer to home, but I’m not sure what she’s going to go for,” she said. Quinn noted that Alexis interning with Lanie is “Alexis’ way of staying close to her dad. There’s been more separation lately; she’s trying to find any loophole to be with him and keep that relationship going.”

7. New man complicates Beckett-Castle dynamic: Katic likens upcoming episode, “The Limey,” to one that has shades of James Bond. Front and center is a detective from Scotland Yard (Brett Tucker). “He’s a good-looking dude and we’ll see what happens,” Katic says about complications that may arise with the temporary addition. “We’ve done the third wheel thing. Everything’s a little different in these next few episodes.”

8. Gates and Castle continue their struggle: It’s no secret Castle and Gates aren’t on the best terms, but Fillion and Penny Johnson Jerald are hoping for more scenes together. “There’s so much tension, so much emotion and there’s such a power struggle, there’s so much comedy to be mined,” Fillion tells THR. “She will not be turned by his charms. It jostles Castle to his core. She is terrible to him. At one point, during an episode we just filmed, she actually paid him a compliment but because of something that happened previously on the show, he’s too smart to say anything about it.”
Castle returns Monday, March 19 at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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