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On Friday, March 9, Nathan Fillion and the cast of Castle will drop by the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, Calif. to participate in the annual PaleyFest.

For fans, these kinds of events are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see their favorite stars up close and in person, but what are they like for the actors? According to Nathan, they’re pretty much awesome.

“First of all, we get a day off of work,” he dished on the Kevin & Bean Show this morning.

“And then you get a room full of people who’ll laugh at all your crappy jokes. I’m a big fan of that kind of thing.”

All joking aside, Nathan is genuinely looking forward to this year’s PaleyFest.

“It’s nice, because you don’t get a lot of connection with fans when you’re at work filming a TV show. So when you get to be in a big room and they’re all excited and thrilled to be there, and they get to ask a question, you get to see exactly where their minds are at.”

Source: Kevin & Bean Show

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