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This is your second run with Green Lantern. Do you now take full equity in the character?
I don’t think I can take full equity in this character – too many people have a chunk. Ryan Reynolds gets the right-of-way on this one.
Right now I feel pretty Green Lantern-ish. But sooner or later, I think I’ll be a poor man’s Green Lantern.

How did the role in Justice League: Doom compare with the voicing of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights?
It was definitely different this time. A little more action, and more conversational. Last time it was like reading prose. We referred to last time as biblical, as though we were reading bible passages. Far more narrative, because Hal Jordan was really just relating stories of the Green Lantern Corps, and then being one of many contributing to the main story that weaves its way through the short stories. This time, it’s all action. [Read the full interview here]

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