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Before striking TV gold on Firefly and Castle, Nathan Fillion cut his teeth in the soap opera world. After moving to New York in the nineties, he starred as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live. After three years — and a Daytime Emmy nomination — the Canadian actor decided to move on and well, the rest is history.

However, Fillion, 40, still has a soft spot for the show, whose final episode airs on Friday.

“I’ve heard daytime [television] be referred to as a stepping stone but I think of daytime as a building block,” he said Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

“I’ve never worked so hard, I’ve never worked so much, I’ve never worked with so many experienced actors who were willing to teach. Who were willing to impart their experience, their wisdom, and the mistakes they made. It was all there for the asking,” he continued.

“I will never forget any of those people. I am here because of them.”

More tidbits from Fillion’s post-win Q&A:

On being voted Favorite TV Drama Actor
“It’s very flattering. I’m accustomed to flying under the radar — this is still new to me. [Winning] feels like applause.”

Firefly reunion?
“There are Firefly reunions all the time at my house. But will there ever be another tv show? Uhh. We do barbecues in the backyard.”

Getting confused for Jason Bateman
“I know I get mistaken for Jason Bateman all the time, which I am thrilled about. I have no idea if anybody walks up to Jason Bateman and asks him if he’s Nathan Fillion. I don’t know how he feels about that, poor man. But if I had a chance to work with him; he’s one of my all-time favorite actors.” [SOURCE]

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