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Last night Nathan as well as his Firefly co-stars Jewel And Adam were at the NERD HQ panel. And thanks to Castle Lounge we now have some of what was said in the Q & A.

# Zach introduces Nathan, whom is wearing a green shirt.
# “I really love the feeling of Comic-Con.” Nathan starts off with. And the fact he missed everyone.
# Nathan appologizes for missing the Firefly panel due to Castle.
# He wishes Jewel Staite>was sitting next to him. Jewel then shows up as well as Adam.
# “Shut up, It’s Comic-Con.” Adam says after he can’t speak properly.
# Someones phone goes off, Nathan says, “Really?”. Nathan then talks Game Of Thrones.
# Adam calls Nathan a pussy for not doing his own stunts.
# Someone in the audience started crying as she tells how much she loves Firefly.
# Nathan explains he wanted to do a shot in Castle where he looks at the camera and then looks at Martha when she talks about ‘the Serenity’.
# Jewel is desperatly waiting for a role on Castle. Nathan talks a little about Croatia and how they don’t know what dollar bills are.
# Nathan gives the crying girl a mug that he has drank out of. “Starbuckski” Nathan anwseres when Adam asks if Croatia has a Starbucks.
# Someone asks him an Arcimoto question, hoping he buys a safe one and he replies that he would hope he would die in the arms of a beautiful woman.
# “Who on Castle is the scape goat?” – “Jon and Seamus.” Nathan answers.
# Jewel stated that Lost’s finale sucked.
# Nathan gave away one of his Serenity DVD’s.
# Nate told a story about being in a classroom and kids working. He saw a chair that was broken, he picked it up, took the leg and broke the legs off of it and the kids gasped. “Mr. Fillion is so mad. He broke a chair!”. He was a university student teacher.
# “When you’re in Canada (Calgary) and your from Edmonton… You’re enimies.” (One of the audience members is from Calgary).
# Nathan again basically flails about Game Of Thrones. “He claims that he is reading ahead.” Adam says. Basically, Nathan wants on the show.
# “Sir-enter-me.” Nathan says as he signed a Serenity movie.
# Adam sings “The Man They Call Jayne’. “Jewel sings like a bird.” Nathan says.
# “Good thing about being a snyper, some shots miss. ” Adam says.
# Nathan explains that Firefly was heaven for him. “A love affair that started witha night one stand.” Nathan explains of Firefly.
# “Sir” Adam says “Enter-me” Nathan finishes.
Credit: Castle Lounge

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