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I was lucky enough to check out one of the funniest pieces of live theater I’ve ever seen in Los Angeles this past week. It’s called The Thrilling Adventure Hour and it’s performed in the style of an old time radio show. One of the best parts? It’s chock full of guest stars. This performance included Community cast members Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs, G4’s Chris Hardwick and the God of the Geeks, Nathan Fillion. I got to chat with Nathan backstage before the show. We talked about the upcoming ‘Castle’ kiss and what that means for the show, the status of ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog,’ his feelings on a return to ‘Firefly,’ Joss Whedon and what he’d love to reboot. So… anyone care to start an internet campaign to make this happen? Please?

So what has it been like, the experience of doing live theater?
This is where I got my start, doing live theater. We have the advantage here that it’s all scripted. I used to do an improv show, which was a little more nerve wracking. Not only is this scripted, but you actually get to hold your script. There isn’t very much by way of staging. There is a number on the floor. They give you a number, “go stand on the number,” it’s really easy. It’s like coloring by numbers, only you stand rather than color.

Are there any favorite stories you have in the show?
Sparks Nevada, absolutely my favorite. The last time I was here, I played a character, Jefferson Reed, Ace American, a Nazi-smashing super spy. That was a real pleasure. I really enjoyed that vain, kind of egotistical super dude. I like that kind of stuff. That’s kind of my niche. I’ve kind of locked it down. Mel Gibson has kind of a one man against everybody. I have a vain, ego-maniacal super dude.

I have to ask you about ‘Dr. Horrible.’ Sequel? Please? Please?
I’ve kind of learned this about Joss Whedon. Never say never. I’ve learned that. I also have another rule about Joss Whedon. Never say no. Just… whatever Joss Whedon wants to do, just do it.

How can you say no to Joss Whedon?
You don’t say no.

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