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Nathan Fillion is a rarity in this business: personable, genuinely friendly and truly enjoying his job.

Actually, to fans of ‘Castle,’ I think it’s obvious that everyone on that set is enjoying themselves. This season started off with a bang, but it’s about to get even better — and a little steamier. Considering that steaminess isn’t coming from a Castle-Beckett hookup (quite the opposite actually), here’s hoping those fans will be along for the ride.

I caught up with Fillion to talk about double rainbows, feeding the birds and the “meta” of ‘Castle,’ then he explained why fans won’t be disappointed with Castle and Beckett’s new loves. He also rattled off an awesome list of all his dream guest stars. Hey ‘Firefly’ alums, you in?

I thought Twitter would explode the other week when Castle said “double rainbow” on the show … whose decision was it to throw that in there?
You know, when it doesn’t matter like that, it’s a piece of cake to throw something in there. He’s listing off fantastical fantasy — unicorns, fairies, double rainbows, what the hell? Throw it on in there! We did a take without it, just in case, but nobody cared. It’s one of these things — the meta of ‘Castle’ has become a thing with the fans, these diehard fans. When we had our Halloween episode … they know I played Malcolm Reynolds [on ‘Firefly’], and when Jon Huertas dresses up like his character from ‘Generation Kill’ and when Seamus Dever dresses like his character from ‘General Hospital,’ these people go nuts. They love that kind of little nudge and a wink. Yes it’s a TV show, but at the same time you can go to the bookstore and buy a book — or now two books — by Richard Castle. You can be on the “inside.”

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