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It’s not shocking to see Nathan Fillion, the Castle star who’s an object of affection for geek girls everywhere, clad in a Green Lantern shirt. At Comic-Con, he is among his people, Fillion says. And those are the same people who campaigned to have Fillion star in the new Green Lantern movie, a role that went to his co-star from the late-1990s sitcom Two Guys and a Girl, Ryan Reynolds. “I’m wearing the shirt to embrace that idea,” Fillion says of fans’ ongoing passion for him to play a big-screen superhero (he does star in the upcoming superhero flick Super, playing the Holy Avenger). “But Ryan Reynolds is an excellent choice. I’ve got to say it. Anything extraordinary, you have to approach it with honesty. And that’s something Ryan Reynolds has always been able to do. From the moment I met him on Two Guys and a Girl, with the out-of-bounds kind of reality that his character had — Berg was always a little bit out of his mind – he always approached it with an honest reality.” I also told Fillion that it’s a good thing he didn’t wear an Ant-Man shirt, since there were already rumors swirling that he’d be joining old friend Joss Whedon’s The Avengers movie as the shrinking hero. “It’s too small!” he quips.

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