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On June 5th Nathan attended the event The Thrilling Adventure Performance. And thanks to Liz/ for sending in the link to a post about it they did for all the fans to read. As well as that i have added in Ten photos from the event it’s self to, The photos are thanks to Jonathan Reilly.

Fearless superheroes battling feathered evildoers, male Martians having their egg sacs (!) violated by their disgusted compadres, and pint-sized sidekicks being brainwashed by Nazi vamps to assassinate President Roosevelt, all in an evening’s entertainment for the intrepid cast of the Thrilling Adventure Hour series, now in its fourth month at Largo after a successful run at the much-smaller M Bar since 2005. The live, mock-vintage radio serial – co-written by the fantastically talented team of Acker & Blacker and boasting an impressive cast of regulars in addition to excellent guest stars for each month’s installment — delivered what few would argue was one of their best shows to date last Saturday night in front of a beyond-sold out crowd. (A goodly-sized group of hopefuls were turned away at the door, a first for the show in the larger Largo digs.) Lending name power to the show on this month were Kids in the Hall legend Dave Foley; Freaks & Geeks vets Linda Cardellini and Martin Starr; Web Soup and honcho Chris Hardwick; Heroes and Alias vet David Anders (who was a surprise addition); and Castle star Nathan Fillion, whose ginormous fan base from his days in the captain’s seat on Firefly no doubt contributed a bit to the rush for tickets. (An especially fervent fan sent Fillion flowers at the theater earlier in the day. “I never get flowers,” Hardwick joked before the show, “although a guy once gave me a firewall as a present.”)
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