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So when we hit the set of Castle and he started spouting off words like “emotional” and “cliffhanger” when talking about the upcoming season finale, we started to worry. ABC best not be messing with our all-time favorite supersexy TV novelist! (Sorry, Angela Landsbury.)

Not surprisingly, those “emotions” surround the show’s cornerstone, could-be coupling of Castle and his partner in crime-writing/solving, NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), and here’s what Nathan can tell you…

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Can you tell us about the season finale?
Absolutely! Beckett has set her eyes on another man, and it’s really getting to Castle. He’s really not having an easy time with it, so we’re getting to a point in time where she’s gotta make a choice. And he’s gotta make a choice! There’s gonna be a choice made. An emotional choice. It’s an emotional cliffhanger.

Did you get a say in this “choice”?
I said Esposito, but they didn’t go for it. You know, he’s always playing the sex card.

Is Beckett’s new love opening Castle’s eyes to what’s been right in front of him all this time?
It’s a matter of you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. You don’t know how much you value what’s yours until you see it slipping out of your fingers, so that’s a superimportant part. They do this lovely little dance. They drive each other crazy. Castle wears everything on his sleeve, while Beckett’s a little more guarded. They get really tight and really close and excited. I mean, the closest thing they have to sex really is when they’re solving a mystery and making strides, moving forward and figuring things out. That’s their turn-on, but why doesn’t it move forward from there? You got two people that are always opposed and yet always together. What are you gonna do? Poop or get off the pot, I believe is the phrase.

OK, cut to the chase. Are Castle and Beckett going to get together?
I believe that’s called jumping the shark. Moonlighting did a very valuable lesson there.

We’ve also heard a bit about a new Richard Castle book hitting shelves soon.
Naked Heat. We’re going to come out with a paperback in June, and then it comes out in September. “September 28,” said a voice in the distance.

Do you ever wish you could actually write something for the show?
The episode I’ve always been pitching was pretty much what the book turned out to be. We see the world through Castle’s eyes. All the girls are crazy about him and everything works out his way and he’s incredibly cool. I was thinking about flashing back and forth between the actual reality and Castle’s reality, how we see his life, which he sees through rose-colored glasses. That would be also be the episode I was pitching.

Was it nice getting the early season pickup?
What is that? Season three?! Never heard of it! If you look at my résumé—don’t look at my résumé too closely—you’ll see a long list of failed television programs. This is my first season three ever! The closest I’ve come is two and a half seasons, so here we go!

So what do you think? Ready for a Castle cliffhanger?

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