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How would you describe Agent Shaw (Dana Delay)’s interactions with Castle?
Nathan Fillion: Castle just wants to solve crimes and we’re going to see how much she values [his and Beckett’s] input, how much she wants them to be involved in what is essentially her case.

And there is some tension between her and Beckett, because Beckett gets a bit jealous. Might something happen in the future between Beckett and Castle?
NF: I’d have to say, might. Might.

In the immediate future?
NF: You want a definite answer. You think because I’m Castle, I have all the answers.

Oh, I’ll be asking the executive producers about it as well.
NF: I know what happens in this episode and I’ve started to get a line on the next episode, and that’s about as far as they’ll let me get.

You’re at least a couple episodes ahead so you could probably tell us if something happens in the near future.
NF: And spoil it?

Not spoil it. Tease it.
NF: I’m teasing you, how about that?

I can tell you’re not going to budge on that. But one thing we do already know about next Monday night’s (March 22) episode is that there is going to be a movie adaptation of “Heat Wave.” Will that add some tension to the Beckett/Castle relationship?
NF: Absolutely. You know what, anytime something is going on that Castle is going to enjoy, it’s going to get under Beckett’s skin, [especially] when it involves Nikki Heat. She somewhat resents the portrayal of her essence in that [book]. But at the same time, she digs it, because she’ll hide in the bathroom and read the book. It’s a double-edged sword.

I think she digs the idea of Castle, but when he’s around her every single day…
NF: If Castle was around me every day, I’d be like, stop. That’s enough. I think as an audience member, we get to see another side. We get to see him go home with his mother and his daughter and get to see his softer side and more realistic side. When he’s out gallivanting [on cases], oh my gosh, enough already! [He’s always] getting his fingers into stuff he ought not to.

Speaking of his family, we still don’t know who Castle’s father is. Would you like for that storyline to be revisited?
NF: I would love to. I want to do a “Mamma Mia!”[-style reveal] where there’s three potential [fathers]. And I want one of them to be Christopher Walken.

Does that mean you’d be singing in this hypothetical episode?
NF: Probably, yes.

I have to ask about the “Dr. Horrible” sequel. Any new word on when that might go down?
NF: No new word yet. Joss [Whedon] and company, they are on top of it. They’re playing with it when they have time on their hands. It’s a busy group right there. Neil Patrick Harris, also, very busy.

NPH is such a slacker, he really needs to work a bit more.
NF: Right? Get some talent, Neil. If only he was diverse. And Felicia [Day] is doing her own web series, very busy. “Castle” ties me up a little bit. We’ll find time when we can all get together. It’s going to be amazing.


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