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As it Say’s I’m moving house tomorrow and the bad news is my net will be off at the new house for about 3-5 weeks (dame BT for moving so slow with these things) The little bit of good news is that my dad’s shop is only down the road and i can use the net there but only for like a hour or two each day so i will keep the site going and what not but there will not be as many update’s till i get the net back in the house.

I’ve just added into the gallery a totle of 005 new stills for the upcoming Castle 2×02 The Double Down. Enjoy!

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First sorry this is a little late but Nathan and the cast of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog were at the 61st Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Satarday in Los Angeles and they won in Short-format Live-Action entertainment program for Dr.Horrible. A very big Congratulations to Joss, Nathan, Felicia, Neil Patrick, Jed, Maurissa, and all the crew, you really deserve it!. A totle of x006 MQ photos from the event have bin added into the gallery.

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The ABC drama Castle, about famous mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and his muse Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), is returning for its second season on September 21st.
As Season 2 begins, Castle is wrestling with how to repair his relationship with Beckett, while struggling to finish his soon-to-be-published novel, Heat Wave.

Although circumstances force the pair back together to investigate the mysterious murder of a man found dead, their relationship remains rocky, due to Beckett’s anger over Castle going against her direct order to stay out of the unsolved case of her mother’s homicide.

IESB recently spent time on the set of Castle to interview the show’s star, Nathan Fillion, in his apartment on the show. While standing in Castle’s office, where the character spends most of his time writing best-selling novels, the Firefly star talked about the decorating taste that he shares with his charismatic character, as well as how he feels to be returning for a second season.

Q: How does it feel to be back for a second season?

Nathan: I can’t remember when I had a second season of anything. I was on the fourth season of Desperate Housewives, but that doesn’t really count ‘cause it was still my first season.

Q: Weren’t you on several seasons of One Life to Live?

Nathan: Yes. I guess, now I remember.

Q: How soon did you know you were coming back for a second season?

Nathan: It was a few months. I was in Vancouver, having dinner with Joss Whedon. We both found out on the same day, and were both pleasantly surprised.

I don’t have much time today so just a little miss update for you all (in the middle of moving house right now) I’ve just added in some new and very cool photos into the gallery. I added new photos from Drive behind the scenes , Desperate Housewives Stills , Nathan’s Twitter, Slither Stills and Geek April 2009. Enjoy!

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I have just capped Nathan’s 2006 film Slither with DVD Screen Captures. A total of x1167 captures have been added to the gallery, both from the movie and the extras. Enjoy these!

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