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First I’m so sorry that these are late I will try and get next’s weeks out on time. I have just capped the first from Castle Season Two , 2×01 – Deep in Death with MQ Screen Captures. A total of x642 captures have been added to the gallery, Enjoy these! And i will try and get the rest of season one screen caps up soon!

– Castle > Season Two > Screencaps > 2×01 – Deep in Death

I have added HQ stills from the upcoming two episodes of Castle “The Double Down” and “Inventing the Girl”. This includes HQ versions of stills that were already added to the gallery.

– Television Appearances > Castle > Season Two > Episode Stills

Just a little update to let you all no that the Castle screen caps will be up tomorrow, i just dont have the time today sorry!

Yesterday I posted the first part of my chat with Nathan Fillion, in which the actor discussed Castle, Joss Whedon and other popular topics. Today, you guys command the interview with questions about Twitter, music and more. Incidentally, Castle: The Complete First Season arrives on DVD today, so now you can catch up on episodes you may have missed.

We return to our leisurely lunch:

Nathan Fillion stars with Stana Katic in ABC’s Castle.
CAPTIONVivian Zink, ABCWere you ever in any way officially associated with the Green Lantern movie? — -AJ-

No. But that was a wicked — did you ever see …? (Note: Nathan is referring to this amazing fan-created Green Lantern trailer.)

Oh, yeah.

So incredible. My friend PJ Haarsma came to my house, and someone sent him a link. Neither of us thought it was going to be anything big. We played that thing on my computer and immediately called everybody inside from the barbecue and played it on the big-screen TV. I was floored. I thought, “Wow. Someone put a lot of work into that.” It was brilliant.


Believe everything you’ve heard about Nathan Fillion.

He’s incredibly kind, funny, talented and good-looking. He’s also quite easygoing when it comes to picking a restaurant and eager to show you photos of his cat, Spartacus.

I met Nathan for lunch on Saturday. He’s in town promoting the second season of ABC’s Castle, which premieres tonight at 10 ET. After ordering some coffee and pierogies at East Village diner Veselka, we chatted about the show, Joss Whedon, video games, Dr. Horrible — actually, we talked so much that I’m splitting this interview into two parts.

Here’s the beginning:

I’d imagine there’s some anxiety when you’re filming the first season of a TV series. Is there a different feeling on the set of Castle now that you’ve been renewed and have fan support?

Nathan Fillion stars in ‘Castle,’ which premieres its second season tonight.
CAPTIONWhit’s iPhoneYou know, the first season was a very interesting experience, because we filmed 13 episodes and then packed everything up and said, “OK, everybody, great season,” and went our separate ways. And then it started to air. It had this wonderful feeling of, “It’s out of our hands,” so it was actually quite freeing. And I’ve learned … I’ve had a long line of failed television programs, pilots that were never picked up, series that didn’t go very long. I’ve learned that there’s really nothing you can do. If it’s not in my control, I try not to worry about it.

Getting a second season, though, that was a pleasant surprise. I thought, “This is great, we get to go back and take a crack at it again.” I started to run into people who are fans of the show saying great things about it. Obviously, Andrew Marlowe, our creator, is playing some notes that people want to hear. It’s a good feeling.


Dr. Horrible was back and on the big stage at last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion tell the world why what you’re doing now (the net, not specifically BSC–that’s next year, though perhaps there were undertones) is taking over the world!

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