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Nathan tweeted today a series of tweets helping his fellow friend Josh Wingate (@JoshWingateacts on twitter) gain 1,000 more followers reaching 1,680. As a result of this achievement, Nathan tweeted out a video of him tazing Josh as a “reward” to his fans. You can view the video here, it’s roughly longer than a minute! Here it is. Tazing @joshwingateacts.

So last week has been filled with several rumours of Nathan’s cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy. First it was rumoured to be “Nova” which was shortly dismissed by the director and then it was “Cosmo” which Nathan took to twitter a few days ago to debunk as well. Stay tuned for the movie to see which role Nathan

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Nathan has added in a new Behind the Scenes photo from Serenity to his official Twitter. GALLERY LINKS: – Twitter> New Photo

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