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Added HD screencaptures of Nathan interview at Jimmy Kimmel. [cpg_albumrand:916,12] GALLERY LINKS: – Talk Shows > Jimmy Kimmel Live! > February 12, 2014

Added a few missing episode Screencaptures of Castle season six. I’m hoping to be all caught up with them by the time the hiatus ends. [cpg_albumrand:912,6] [cpg_albumrand:913,6] [cpg_albumrand:902,6] [cpg_albumrand:915,6] GALLERY LINKS: – Castle > Season Six > Screencaptures > 6×05 – Time Will Tell – Castle > Season Six > Screencaptures > 6×06 – Get a Clue – Castle >

Another update for you as I’m currently getting the season 6 of Castle up-to-date. I’ve just added missing episode stills from season 6 up to episode 6×16 – Room 147 GALLERY LINKS: – Castle > Season Six > Episode Stills

Hello fellow Nathan fans. My name is Chanel and I’m the new owner of Nathan Fillion Online. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am because I love Nathan so much, so I would like to thank Abby for giving me a chance with the site and for her amazing work. For my first post on the

Sorry these are a day late the site was out of space. Over +700 HD screencaptures of last night’s Castle episode “6×03 – Need To Know” have been added to the gallery, Enjoy! GALLERY LINKS: – Castle > Season Six > Screen captures > 6×03 – Need To Knowr

New stills for 6×05 “Time Will Tell” have been released. Check them out. GALLERY LINK: – Castle > Season Six > Episode Stills > 6×05 – Time Will Tell

A  poster has appeared for season 6 of Castle! Check it out. GALLERY LINK: – Castle > Season Six > Poster

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