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source: SDCC unofficial blog

Although Con Man had already confirmed panels at both San Diego Comic-Con and Nerd HQ, thanks to producer PJ Haarsma, we now have some more details about not only what the Con Man SDCC schedule is going to look like, but a better idea about the convention as a whole.

We are setting up panels for both #SDCC and #NerdHQ this year. #conman

— Con Man (@ConManSeries) May 7, 2015

spectrum Con Man Alan Tudyk Nathan FillionIn a “Hang w/” chat earlier this evening for backers of the Indiegogo campaign, Haarsma mentioned the days and times for both panels:

Question: More about Comic-Con and Nerd HQ please?

Haarsma: Okay, panel is Thursday the 9th, I think it’s at 3:45. It’s right between Doctor Who and Marvel, and then we’ll be doing press in the morning, and then after hopefully there will be a party somewhere and we’ll announce it, and then Friday Alan’s going to be hosting Nerd HQ and we’ll be doing a Con Man panel at Nerd HQ and then partying there Friday night.

Although we think Haarsma probably has a firm grip on Con Man‘s SDCC schedule, the rest should be taken with a grain of salt.

Holding a panel…

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edit: I’ve added the whole panel of Nathan from Fan expo above, thanks to JediJenny19 on youtube. Enjoy!

As you guys know I attended Nathan Fillion’s panel on saturday at fan expo canada and won VIP passes for front row! My friend Loretovdesign had a professional camera with her so she managed so snap all these lovely HQ photos exclusively at Nathan Fillion Online to share with y’all. Hope you guys like it, and please leave the tag at the bottom right corner intact 🙂


–  Conventions > 2014 > August 29th – Fan Expo Canada

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I’ve finally added almost all of Nathan’s SDCC panels in HD screen capture quality to the gallery. It has taken forever to upload them all because there are 2000+ for each panel. You can find his mystery panel with Zach, his two panels and his other panel replacing Joss. There are tons of caps so enjoy!


– Conventions > 2014 > July 25th – NerdHQ Mystery Panel (HD Caps)

– Conventions > 2014 > July 26th -Nathan NerdHQ Panel #1 (HD Screencaps)

– Conventions > 2014 > July 27th – Nathan NerdHQ Panel #2 (HD Screencaps)

– Conventions > 2014 > July 27th – Joss Whedon Mystery Panel

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I’ve added the live stream video for Nathan’s Nerd HQ panel! I’ll upload them when they are available, usually a little bit before the panel starts so check back for the video or check our twitter feed for updates.

I’ve added highlights of Nathan’s Saturday panel from the Q&A below, enjoy!

Nathan will be playing Firefly Online when it’s out and will build a ship just like his! #NerdHQ A Castle & Firefly wallet made by a fan? It looks awesome! And now it’s signed on the inside by Nathan for $200 #NerdHQ Nathan share’s his thoughts on the season 6 finale of #castle “:O A Fire? What about my beautiful beautiful face!” #NerdHQ “Wait this show’s called Castle, I shall be safe!” #NerdHQ Next item being auctioned off is a medical bracelet Nathan wore for Castle and has his birthday and the room number. #NerdHQ Nathan would love to be gryffindor if he was at Hogwarts. He took a test once and ended up in slytherin! #NerdHQ Nathan’s bucket list “to do” on film: – land a plane – play my own double – crack a safe [crossed off!] – hit a detonator button – light a dynamite…

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I’ve uploaded 3 UHQ photos of Nathan at “2014 Comic-Con – The Last Ship Storm Comic-Con by Sea” to the photo gallery. If there are any new photos, I will upload those to the album as well. Enjoy!


Public Events > 2014 > July 25th – Comic-Con – The Last Ship Storm Comic-Con by Sea

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I’ve uploaded 5 UHQ photos of Nathan at Wirecafe Day 2 today as well as some photos as a guest at the NerdHQ mystery panel to the gallery. You can watch the panel above.


Public Events > 2014 > Spotted at WireCafe (SDCC) – July 2014

Conventions > 2014 > July – NerdHQ Mystery Panel

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This story first appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

In a world where TV shows get canceled quickly and forgotten just as fast, Joss Whedon‘s sci-fi WesternFirefly — which gave Fillion his first starring role — remains the anomaly, as it’s more popular 10 years after its demise than it ever was during its only season. Now, at 43, Fillion is cresting into the sixth year of ABC’s Castle, which has created a rabid following to sit alongside Firefly‘s still-growing legion of fans.

They have always been there, since the show started. There’s just so many more of them now. They don’t go away. You meet children who are named for characters on the show. Now I know Firefly will never die.

Is there anyone you still geek out over?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met William Shatner. That’s a big deal to me. Hearing his voice — I know the man is a stranger to me, but…

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The schedule for Nerd HQ 2014 has been released and Nathan will be attending 2 panels (confirmed) on Saturday July 26th @ 4:15pm and Sunday, July 27th @ 11am.

Tickets are $22 and are available to purchase:

Saturday July 26th Sunday July 27th 

Here are some extra information about the event:

Where is it:? Petco Park. How much are tickets? $22 each. How many seats? 300+ seats. How many tickets can I buy? 2 tickets per panel per order. You can order multiple panels at once (though if you really want a panel, buy that one first). Multiple orders are allowed. All proceeds go to @operationsmile See more at: http://www.thenerdmachine.com/supersecret2014panelsshhh/#sthash.0tAAWAwO.dpuf

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I’ve been looking around the gallery finding missing albums from the previous months to the past year and I’ve added several photos here and there. Here’s a list of the updated albums, so check them out!



Out & About > Leaving Cat & Fiddle (restaurant) – August 21 2013 Public Events > 2013 > Nerd HQ Movie Productions > Much Ado About Nothing > Promotional Shoot Screen Captures > Misc. Captures > The Real History of Science Fiction Public Events > 2013 > Screening Of ‘ Much Ado About Nothing Out & About > Leaving Letterman – 2013 Public Events > 2014 > March 22 – Backstage At The Geffen Gala Studio Photoshoots > Portraits > Thrilling Adventure Hour Conventions > 2014 > June – Phoenix Comic Con Conventions > 2013 >  Conventions Events Gallery Update

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I’ve added the videos below from Nathan’s comic con panels from the previous few months in 2014. Enjoy!

Nathan Fillion Panel at Salt Lake Comic Con

Dallas Comic Con – 2014 – Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion at Phoenix Comicon 2014

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Here’s the panel of Nathan from the Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World) as well as some photos from fans who attended the convention! There are also a few Q&A from the panel that were posted to the WizardWorld twitter account that I’ve shared below as well.



If you attended the event and have any photos you’d like to share, please tweet us at @NFillionOnline or you can email us at twitter[@]nathan-fillion[.]org and we’ll upload and credit you! If we’ve uploaded your photo and you want us to take it down, please feel free to let us know as well! Or if you’d like us to credit you, we’d gladly add it to the proper owner!

– Conventions > 2014 > June 21st – Philadelphia Comic Con

Some of the Q&A highlights from the Nathan & Alan panel at Wizard World:

“I had…

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