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Nathan Fillion attended Wondercon 2018 yesterday on March 24th to introduce the second season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” to fans. The new season will premiere on Netflix on March 30th!     Conventions > 2018 > March 24th – Wondercon 2018

I’ve added new photos of Nathan at the last two conventions of this year, Fanexpo Canada (In september) and Armageddon Expo (In October). You can head to our gallery to view all the photos. Enjoy! Conventions > 2017 > October 21st/22nd/23rd – Armageddon Expo Conventions > 2017 > September 2nd/3rd – Fanexpo Canada    

Did you catch all the updates we tweeted and shared on social media while Nathan Fillion was in Auckland for Armageddon Expo 2017? If you didn’t, that’s ok! You can catch up on all the updates below, thanks to our first the experiment using twitter moments as a collection. Check out our moment below with all the updates, as we

Nathan has been added to the lineup for Tokyo Comic Con 2017 later this year. He’ll be there the following days: 12.1 FRI 12.2 SAT 12.3 SUN

Guest tokens for the Armageddon Expo has now been released for Nathan Fillion. The dates and times for the photo ops as well as the signing sessions are now available as follows: Photo Ops: (Price: $80) Saturday 21st at 10am Sunday 22nd at 10am Monday 23rd at 4pm Signing Sessions: (Price $70) Saturday 21st October:1pm – 5pm Sunday 22nd October:1.30pm

I’ve added 2 extremely UHQ (Ultra high quality) portraits of Nathan Fillion from San Diego Comic Con 2016. Head over to Nathan Fillion Online’s gallery to enjoy the images, and more from the set! FYI: Follow us on social media (twitter / instagram / facebook) for more updates.   Studio Photoshoots > Portraits > 2016 Comic Con Portraits  

Thanks to twitter and O’kuroku Webzine’s flickr, I’ve added photos of Nathan at his Q&A panel from Fan Expo Canada 2017 this weekend to the gallery. Head over to Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery to view them all – more to come!      Conventions > 2017 > September 2nd/3rd – Fanexpo Canada

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