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Friday, July 21 • 2:45pm – 3:30pm (Ballroom 20

SYFY: Con Man, Cons, and Fandom Culture with Alan Tudyk

UPDATED: Thu, Jul 13, 10:05PM Con Man creator and star Alan Tudyk along with the cast and creators will take the stage to share with fans the special sauce that goes into making the buzz-worthy web series, reminisce about the first two seasons (and their impressive list of guest stars!), delve into what makes cons–and the fans who love them–so damn great, and delight the audience with an SDCC-exclusive surprise special moment.

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Denver Comic Con has uploaded their Q&A panel with Nathan Fillion onto their youtube channel. The video is of the full panel for Sunday.


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NOTE: Nathan Fillion will be appearing at 2017 Dragon Con for Friday only. (September 1st).

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I’ve added a few photos of Nathan Fillion at Montreal Comic Con 2017 to the gallery. Head over to Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery to view them all.



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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Nathan over the weekend at Denver Comic Con (July 1st and July 2nd). Head over to Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery to view all the photos.



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Another comic con lined up for Nathan this year will be at the Montreal Comic Con during the weekend of July 8th & 9th.

Photo Ops: $100: Saturday, July 8th at 5:45pm and Sunday, July 9th at 3:15pm Autographs $90 Q&A Panel: Sunday, July 9th

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It’s officially confirmed, Nathan will be headed to Armageddon Expo in Auckgeddon NZ later this year (October). Tickets will be on sale August 1st at 9am!

*GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT* @NathanFillion (!!!!) is coming to #AUCKGEDDON this October! Tickets go on sale August 1st at 9am from @iticket ??? pic.twitter.com/0yuYh6SKAt

— ArmageddonExpo (@Armageddonexpo) June 22, 2017

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It’s official, Nathan will be joining the line-upf or ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival Saturday June 24th with Alan for the Con Man Series panel.


Alan Tudyk, Chris Hardwick, Nathan Fillion

Moderated by Chris Hardwick.

A decade has passed since Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) was an actor on the hit (well, cult hit) sci-fi show, Spectrum. Wray’s career has stalled in the vacuum of space while his best friend and former co-star, Jack Moore’s (Nathan Fillion), has hit warp speed. Aided by his truly certifiable convention booker, Bobbie (Mindy Sterling), Wray navigates the sci-fi convention circuit alongside a host of colorful who’s-whos and has-beens. He struggles with the trappings of a stagnant career, the adoration of a rabid fanbase, and an industry that only sees him as a quirky spaceship pilot.

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It’s been announced by the Denver Comic Con that Nathan will be attending on July 1st (Saturday) and July 2nd (Sunday) 2017. Photo ops and Autograph prices have been listed on the website accordingly.

$90 Photo ops (Saturday at 12pm and Sunday at 4pm) – Can be purchased on Epic Photo Ops online beforehand. $80 Autographs

Nathan’s Panel Schedule:

Sat. July 1st at 11-11:45am Sun. July 2nd at 11-11:45am

Photo Ops:

Sat. July 1st @ 12pm Sun. July 2nd @ 4pm

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Thanks to Calgary Fanexpo’s flickr account, I’ve uploaded some photos of Nathan during his panel from yesterday (Friday, April 28th). Head over to Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery and enjoy!    

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I’ve added some photos of Nathan at his panel in Belgium Con to Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery. Credit to gunther_demey on flickr for taking these amazing shots!


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Nathan Fillion is a Canadian actor, currently starring as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle. He is also known for his portrayal of the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series Firefly and its feature film continuation, Serenity.

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Q&A Session with Nathan Fillion on the Belgian convention: Facts (in Ghent; Flanders Expo). +/- 32 mins raw footage. Enjoy! All credit goes to Nathan Fillion & Facts (www.facts.be) – Saturday 01/04/2017


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