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Below are the episode synopsis for The Rookie 1×01 Pilot and 1×02 Crash Course.

Former “Castle” star Nathan Fillion talks about his latest role as a middle-aged, rookie LAPD officer in the upcoming TV drama series, “The Rookie”.

I’ve added 3 UHQ (ultra high quality) photos of Nathan Fillion for Entertainment Weekly’s photoshoot for The Rookie. Also added is 1 UHQ photo of Nathan for LA Times and an episode still (unknown which episode) for The Rookie. You can view the full album at Nathan Fillion Online’s photogallery. Enjoy!     Studio Photoshoots > Outakes > Set 047 Studio

e thing everyone should know about Nathan Fillion: He’s happiest making TV. When asked to lead the new crime procedural The Rookie, he said yes, even though it’d been a little over a year since the end of his last crime procedural, the eight-season-long, 173-episode behemoth Castle. Work just isn’t daunting to the guy who’s gone from geek god to

As a young boy growing up in Canada, Nathan Fillion spent many a day playing cops and robbers with his older brother. Actually, they played Highway Patrol officers. If we’re being super specific, they pretended to be the leads of TV’s late-’70s classic “CHiPs.” Fillion, as the fairer-haired brother, took on the role of Jon Baker, opposite his brother’s turn

I’ve added HQ photos of Nathan Fillion attending the 2018 Paley Fest with the cast of The Rookie. I’ve also added photo shoot pics of Nathan for Emmy Magazine to the gallery. All will be replaced with UHQ (ultra high quality) when available. Head over to Nathan Fillion online’s photogallery to enjoy.      Studio Photoshoots > Outakes > Set 046

On the heels of eight seasons on Castle — and his too-short, but beloved, time on Firefly — Nathan Fillion arrives in another starring role. As a mid-life police recruit, he leads the new ABC drama The Rookie. There’s a scene early on in The Rookie, Nathan Fillion’s new police procedural on ABC, in which he foils a hold-up in

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