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Tonight I’ve have added in over 90 MQ screen caps from to Two Guys, a Girl 2×09 – Two Guys a Girl and Oxford into the gallery enjoy. GALLERY LINKS: – Two Guys, a Girl 2×09 – Two Guys a Girl and OxfordScreen Caps

Three videos have come online from when Nathan was at Comic Con poping into the Browncoat’s Meeting (Firefly Fans) enjoy these videos, Nathan is just the best to his fans. Part 2 – Part 3

It would not be Comic Con with out Nathan being there. This year he did not have a panel to do but that did not stop Nathan from coming and seeing the Brown Coats (Firefly/serenity) fan’s and having a great time. I have added in the frist set of candid’s from CC, I will add in more when they come

Nathan attended a event last night in San Diego for the Entertainment Weekly And Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con. 009 MQ photos from the event have bin added into the gallery with more coming when i find them. GALLERY LINKS: – Entertainment Weekly And Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con

A new promo for Season Two of Castle has just come online, There is no new clips from season two in it only season one but its still a great watch.

I have added in over 600 MQ screen caps from Castle 1×04 – Hell Hath No Fury to the gallery. GALLERY LINKS: – Castle 1×04 – Hell Hath No Fury Screen Caps

I was looking over the net and found one new HQ still of Nathan from Desperate Housewives 4×03 – The Game into the gallery. GALLERY LINKS: – Desperate Housewives Episode Stills

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