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An award magnet, animation studio Pixar has spent the last few decades establishing itself as one of the all-time best sources for quality animated films, achieving a track record of excellence rivaled by only a small select few. For Pixar’s first 15 years in existence, every single one of its films managed to become a critical darling, with all but one earning upwards of 90 percent on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That one was 2006’s Cars. While Cars’ 74 percent rating is far from a failure, it was the only break in that long chain, at least until 2011 sequel Cars 2 managed to become a full-on critical bomb, earning only 39 percent.

Cars 2 could very well turn out to be only a hiccup along Pixar’s winding road of greatness, with the upcoming Cars 3 set to ride in and get things back on track for the series. Directed by Brian Fee — a storyboard artist on the first two Cars films — Cars 3 follows a now-aging Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), who is forced to retire from racing after a devastating crash, only to eventually turn around and try to get back in the mix. People now reports that two new stars have been added to the growing Cars 3 voice cast, those being Scandalstar Kerry Washington, and genre favorite Nathan Fillion.

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